Latex code is not displayed in published notebooks

Inline formula in the published notebooks are not correctly displayed:


Surprisingly it works for formula with $$ … $$ correctly.

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I would say that it is surprising (sad) that the inline formula did not render :slight_smile:

Thanks for the report! We’ll check what’s wrong here.

Hehe true :slight_smile: It seems as if attached pictures are not shown either, when embedding them in markdown cells. Might be a different thing, tough.

I’m sorry, forgot to write it here – rendering of the inline formulas was fixed the very next day.

Regarding the embedded images in markdown – unfortunately both (attached and embedded) images in Markdown are not supported yet, @artem.borzilov suggested a workaround here: Image in markdown doesn't display when published - #4 by artem.borzilov

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Oh great, thanks!