Graphs no longer appearing on published notebooks


I don’t know if it’s a bug or not, and I’ve seen no mention of that in the doc.

Some days after my notebook was published, I noticed that my graphs were no longer appearing while the tab results are still there.

I tried to republish but I see nothing.

Is it normal?
Is there a way for my graphs to be permanent on a published notebook?

Link of notebook :Datalore – Online Data Science Notebook by JetBrains

Thanks for the help

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I was asking myself the same questions.

Maybe it’s related to this one?

No, it is definitely not normal :sweat_smile:

Can confirm, seaborn and pyplot charts disappeared from the published notebooks.

Thank you for letting us know!

Hi @igro,

Thanks for the fast answer.

You said seaborn and pyplot, does that mean that I can bypass the problem by using matplotlip only?


Hi @test_bigData,

Unfortunately there is no easy way to bypass the problem but the fix will be deployed in the next update - hopefully, today.

It it’s urgent consider using IPython.display.Image with fixed size like in this example

Sorry for inconvenience

The fix has been deployed.

Thanks again for the report! Feel free to contact us again if you notice any other issues.

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Thanks @igro and @artem.borzilov , every thing work just fine.

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