Image in markdown doesn't display when published

Hi! If I put an image in markdown using an attached file, it is not displayed in the shared page. May be I do something wrong?

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Thanks for the heads up, I created a new ticket for this issue, but we need to think on how to properly implement it.

PS: we are also aware of embedded (![](attachment:image.png) files, and they are also not supported at the moment.

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Hi again @igro !
You seem to do a super work. Thank you for the answer, I’m sure your team will find a nice solution. For now, I simply shared the workspace with my boss. Seem like he like it, so its all good.

Keep up the good work, markdown features are a must. Since the notebook can be exported in Latex, the notebook (and your collaboration tools) help me to produce articles with people that don’t know the language. For me, datalore is on the right way to be a nice tool!


As a temporary solution, it’s still possible to embed images from python:

from IPython.display import Image

Images embedded this way are inserted into the notebook outputs in base64 so they don’t depend on any external resources


Thank you for mentioning it! I guessed so, since it’s also missing feature in Jupyter if you want to export in HTML.

Still, I would argue it’s a problem even in the default Jupyter Notebook. That job should not be passed trough Python, but when the notebook is exported. The markdown image feature work in the notebook and while exporting in Latex and PDF. I don’t see why it would not be supported for HTML export.

I know I’m pretty demanding of Datalore team :confused: , since I ask them for a lot of missing features of Jupyter. (@igro knows that) Still, its hard for them to know how to add value if we do not ask! After that, they’ll be the judge on what to add and what to refuse. I’m poor with javascript and front-end, they know better than me where lies low hanging fruits :stuck_out_tongue: . If I could point them to few, everyone wins.

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No worries, all your requests are valid and help us to build a better tool.

So, please keep asking! :slight_smile:


It has been a while, but now both scenarios are supported correctly:

  • displaying an image from the Attached Files in a MD cell when publishing a notebook from Datalore
  • displaying an embedded image in a MD cell when uploading a notebook directly to Datalore View

Yeah! I saw that. I also saw the “print PDF” option which does a nice job! You got an happy paying costumer here :slight_smile: . Keep up the good work.


I’m happy to see that embedding images from Notebook files via markdown seems to be supported by now! Is there a way to use work space files too?