Uploaded Data found found

Hello All,

I have uploaded some csv files to do analysis however the csv files do not show up in load data intention nor can I get to it via a pd.read_csv(“filename”). Any ideas on what I am doing wrong?

I see the files in my file uploader, yet still cannot access them

When I try to import manually I get:
File Not Found Error

It’s weird, could you check the directory listing from the code?

import os

for dir, subdirs, files in os.walk('.'):
    for d in subdirs:
        print('- %s' % d)
    for f in files:

If the file is listed in the root it should be accessible via pd.read_csv('file.csv') instruction.

And, yes, the supported formats should be listed in the Load Dataset dialog:

I don’t see my CSV files in the the dropdown, just the defaults.

When I tried your snippet and got nothing back

 - lost+found

I can share the notebook with you if you want.

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It would be great, I just sent you my address in PM.

Thanks to @tsn0848 we’ve found a performance issue and it is fixed now.

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Thank you for fixing the problem!

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