Unable to upload files to workspace files


I just spent 2 hours uploading 2.5 gb of files to my workspace files. I can’t see them. When I click on my folders, the website just comes up blank.

I really do not want to spend another 2 hours uploading. Could someone please tell me why my files are not visible? Why folders do not have any content?

@Ron_Steckly it might be some issue with the file preview, could you please check that files are available from the code?

You can use either Python code:

import glob
import subprocess

path = '/data/workspace_files'

for filename in glob.iglob(path + '**/**', recursive=True):

size = subprocess.check_output(['du', '-sh', path]).split()[0].decode('utf-8')
print(f'Total size: {size}')

or IPython magic:

!ls -l /data/workspace_files
!du -sh /data/workspace_files

Please note, that you need to attach Workspace Files folder using Attached Files pane and restart the kernel before if you are working in the default (Home) workspace.


Yes, when I do the ipython code, it shows me that there are files and taking up the space roughly equivalent to what was uploaded.

That doesn’t really help us though…we need to be able to see the files. When I click a folder, the screen is just blank, except for the header with the jetbrains logo and my account button. Everything else is white.

Oh, I see. There is a known performance issue with listing a folder with a lot of files, I’ll update the related ticket in our tracker and ask the devs to take another look at this problem.

Thank you for the report!