How to sync or copy files without the web interface?

Is there any way to sync notebooks in Datalore with a Git repository other than manually downloading every single file? Anything like rsync, scp, Git or even a properitary protocol with clients for different platforms would be helpful.

At first glance I thought that ssh login is supported, but the option in the settings allows only to set a private key for outbound connections, not a public key for inbound connections.

A workaround using IPython magic to push or pull files from Datalore elswhere should be possible, right?


Yes, you could utilize ipython magic to download files from the remote server, both scp and git are available by default:

Files will be cloned into the working directory and will be available via “Attached Files” pane.

There is also a built-in connector for AWS S3 buckets (Tools → Attached Datasources):

Thanks for the instructions! I was curios mostly about how to download all Datalore notebooks to my computer. I’d like to store a local copy of all notebooks, just in case something goes wrong right before the presentation or so. So I guess I’d need to push the notebooks somewhere.

I think this not so easy as I thought it would be. Notebooks live in separated environments, right? So I can’t use one notebook to push all notebooks to another server. I can’t even access the notebook itself via IPython magic.

A bit off-topic: There is also no way to share downloaded files between notebooks, because they are always attached to a single notebook, right?

Sorry, I misinterpret your question.

Luckily, this case is also covered :slight_smile: It is possible to export multiple notebooks from Datalore to *.ipynb or *.datalore files:

  1. shift click on the first notebook
  2. shift click on the last notebook
  3. invoke context menu for any selected notebook
  4. select suitable “Export” option

It could be annoying to confirm each file, but it is much more convenient than exporting all the notebooks individually.

“Notebook files” are attached to a specific notebook, right, but there is also a “Workspace files” folder, that could be attached to any notebook within a workspace.

From the File System view this folder is available from the sidebar menu:

And in the editor you need to attach this folder explicitly via “Attached files” pane:

Screenshot 2021-03-04 at 14.03.32

Screenshot 2021-03-04 at 14.03.56