Worksheet.write_url doesn't work?

Hey everyone,

I need your help for my code, I wan’t to make a summary in a sheet in Excel with xlswriter to link my differents sheets. To do this I need the fonction worksheet.write_url but I’ve an error when I execute it.


Hello @Antoine ,

I was able to write a link to the file with no issues using the following code:

import xlsxwriter
workbook   = xlsxwriter.Workbook('filename.xlsx')

worksheet1 = workbook.add_worksheet()

worksheet1.write('A1', 123)
worksheet1.write_url('A2', '')


What error do you have?

I’ve this error I don’t no why. Maybe because I use xlsxwriter and openpyxl?

Could you provide your code to reproduce the issue?

I find the problem, I use openpyxl to open an Excel but worksheet.write_url doesn’t exist. I have to use worksheet.cell tu do what I want with openpyxl

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