Workbook not updating

There is some issue with Update published and Publish buttons in one of my workbooks. I am trying to publish this workbook but after clicking these buttons, I get no response.

Is it that there is a limit to number of times I can update a workbook? I think lately I updated it frequently and after that this issue has occurred.

For another workbook of mine, I am able to update the published workbook properly.

I am not sure how can the issue be reproduced. By the way, I have allowed Datalore team to access my workbooks. The name of the workbook having this issue is ‘CMB’.

No, there are no limits on publishing your notebooks, so you may have encountered an issue.

I will check what is going on here and hopefully will get back to you shortly.

Hello Awais,

Thank you for the report, please try to update your workbook again, the problem should be gone. Please reach us again if it stays.

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Hi all! Yes, the issue is fixed. Thank you very much.