Where are the samples?

The getting started guide mentions the existence of a Samples/datalore.plot folder, however I was unable to find it anywhere. Where can I get examples and documentation? I would like to learn more about the possibilities of overlaying data on maps, probably with geom_livemap.

Hey @a.merello,

Thanks for the heads up, we’ve missed this mention when we were updating the “Hello World” notebook, sorry :frowning:

Regarding the library – datalore.plot was rewritten from the scratch and now provided in Datalore as lets-plot (also available in PyPI and at GitHub). The team behind the library is going to provide map examples with the very next release planed for the next two weeks – we’ll update the default environment in Datalore once it ready.

Regarding the other samples – the previous approach with bundled samples wasn’t optimal, so we will probably utilize Datalore View to provide such examples, but unfortunately, I have no estimates when this will be done now.

Hello again,

lets-plot 1.4 is out and is now available in the default Datalore environment :tada:

geom_livemap samples were added to the official README

Direct links:


Hello @igro,
that’s really great! thank you! :clap: