Variable viewer not showing things

I used the R kernel and read some data into the kernel. But it is not showing in the variable viewer. It has been read into the program, as I type the variable name in the cell and run it, the data frame appears

I also read some data in the python kernel, and the variable shows in the variable viewer

Is it because the R kernel is not supported? Or it is because of something else. Please help me with this, thanks!

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I have found out where the problem is.

I used the readr package to read the data into R via read_csv(), and it appears the variable viewer is not supported for data read via this package

I tried the base r and used read.csv(), the variable appeared in the variable viewer

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Hi @William_Xu, thank you for the report!

The problem should be fixed at the moment, please let us know if something still doesn’t work

Hi, I just checked, and it works fine now, thank you

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