Use params in sql query

I use this query and everything was ok.

    SUM("cargo"."totalLDM") as "totalLDM",
    SUM("cargo"."totalVolume") as "totalVolume",
    SUM("cargo"."totalWeight") as "totalWeight",
    COUNT("order"."id") as "totalCount"
FROM cargo
LEFT JOIN "order" ON cargo."orderId" = "order".id
WHERE "order"."createdAt" BETWEEN {start_date.strftime("%m-%d-%y")} AND {end_date.strftime("%m-%d-%y 23:59:59")}

This query had worked fine, but yesterday I started to get error with this message

Traceback (most recent call last):
CodeGenerationError: Unexpected JSON token at offset 11: Expected EOF after parsing, but had 2 instead at path: $ JSON input: ‘04-12-24 23:59:59’

And now all my sql queries don't work. I Haven't changed them. It happened unexpectedly. 

Maybe do you have idea how I can fix it?

Hi @andreiz, thank you for the heads up! There was a hiccup during the refactoring, this issue has been already fixed and will be deployed with the very next deploy - probably on Monday.

Sorry for the inconvenience!