Upload a csv dataset

I want to use my .csv dataset which is on my computer. When I try to import it near the .datalore, I get “Unknown file extension”. When do that by pressing “load dataset”, I see many variants but they only can load the data in standart Python libraries. How can I load my .csv??? (I am new in using datasets at all and a little bit silly)

And another question: is there a shortcut to go to the next/previous block of code?

I understood there’s File uploader in Tools. I am an idiot.

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Unfortunately, at the moment there are no such shortcuts, but as a workaround you can use shift + enter to focus the next block and cmd + [ to navigate back.

PS: the main purpose of the shift + enter shortcut is to “run current block, focus (add) next” in the manual computation mode

You are not an idiot! But it seems we should think about how to improve reachability here.

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Hello, I have another question. Why does my free 120h for computations reduce when my workbook is just opened? It doesn’t calculate anything but it is shown in Running computations. It doesn’t make any computations, but time reduces. Why???
Live computation is disabled, nobody else can edit the workbook.

Computational agent starts automatically when you open a workbook (excluding items from Trash). We have a plan to add a view-only mode without computations – I’ll ask the devs if it can be implemented in the near future. Thanks for asking!