Unlimited computation time has ended

Hey, I’ve bought professional plan which has unlimited computation time for Basic machine, but now i see that there is limit for 750 hours.

Why is it so? I thought that “unlimited” means that there is no limits.

Hi @1116 , you are completely right that we didn’t clearly communicate the changes to our existing Professional users. But in reality, there were practically no changes to the plan conditions and we didn’t want to bother our Pro users with extra emails. Let me explain:

When saying “unlimited” before it had limitations in terms of parallel computations. A user could get only 120h of up to 3 parallel computations per month and after that time is over, run only one computation at a time. So finally a user could get 24hours * 31days - 60 hours + 60hours * 3 parallel computations = 884 hours (see the excerpt from our Billing doc below to understand where 60hours come from). But we expected our Pro users to use 120hours of Large machines, so as a result, a user could get 764h of basic machine computations if running everything non-stop.

When changing the Community plan, we found the limitations above very complicated and excessive and instead introduced a general time usage limitation - 750 hours for the Professional plan (31 days of non-stop computations), which is pretty similar to the one users could get before. And dropped the limitations for the time of parallel computations.

If you feel that these changes are still unfair, please email us at datalore-support@jetbrains.com. We’ve never faced the issue of our users running out of 750hours of computation per month before.

Sorry for the inconvenience and lack of communication.

And a brief excerpt for billing documentation before releasing the updated Community plan:

The Community and Professional plans allow you to have a total of 120 hours of up to three parallel computations. The first computation is not counted as parallel. For example, if you are running three notebooks simultaneously, it is two parallel computations with 60 hours for each.

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