Unable to login using custom domain

I installed datalore enterprise using docker on AWS EC2 and tried to setup a custom domain but I am unable to login. I see a “One or both of your email/password was incorrect” error after I click the Log in button.

I have updated docker-compose.yaml and set DATALORE_PUBLIC_URL with an htttps URL, eg. “https://datalore.mycompany.com”. The login works when I go via EC2 public IP or via elastic IP so it’s likely an authentication or URL config issue.

The custom domain I’m testing with is a AWS cloudfront distribution URL with an EC2 origin, it’s this cloudfront URL I’m set in DATALORE_PUBLIC_URL.

Any ideas on how to get this working thx.

Turns out this was a AWS cloudfront issue. Updated Origin Request Policy to AllViewer then was able to login.