Unable to find notebooks in docker container

Hi, I’m new using Datalore, and I want to save all the notebooks I have created in a Github repository. Although, after searching in the Datalore documentation, I have found that only one notebook can be uploaded to a Github repository, or at least, that what I have found. At the moment, what I do is to download manually all the notebooks and move them to another folder where I have initialised a Github repository, but I think it has to be another way around.

So, What I have thought is that, maybe, it could be great if I can find locally the path to the notebooks and initialise a repository there. In this way, once I have finished updating the notebooks, I can go to that folder and commit them to the repository.

Is there a way to know where the notebooks are being saved?

I’m using a Docker container and after looking in it, I have no clue where they can be found.

Thanks in advance and great job with Datalore, I’m amazed with all the capabilities it has :slight_smile:

Datalore notebooks are of a proprietary format. They are not saved on a disk, instead, they are saved in database.

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