Unable to access the Admin panel

Hello there!

I’ve just finished setting up Datalore Enterprise via given instructions here and was the first person to create an account (so should technically have Admin access), but for some reason am not able to provide the license key since I don’t get a link to the Admin panel after clicking on the avatar in top-right corner.

Any clue why it might be so?

Hello @RutaPetra,

It should be displayed to the first registered user – please try resetting all the data and sign-up again?

Alternatively, you may grant ADMIN or SUPER_ADMIN role via API:

curl --request POST \
  --url 'https://${host}/api/admin/user/role?userId=${userId}&role=SUPER_ADMIN' \
  --header 'Authorization: ${token}'

You will need to set token in the config and restart the application – add ADMIN_API_AUTH_TOKEN: "changeme" to datalore service environment.

UserID is printed to the browser console as user (for example Client initialized clientId=..., user=...).

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@RutaPetra any news on this?
I encounter the same issue


Admin role is automatically assigned to the first registered user. Did you try to assign SUPER_ADMIN role to your current user via API using the request I provided in my previous reply?

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I did what you suggested, grant SUPER_ADMIN via API and it worked perfectly

Thank you : )

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Awesome! Please also check in the Admin panel wether there are other previously registered users with SUPER_ADMIN role (“Manage users” → “View all users”).

The user which I granted SUPER_ADMIN via the API is the only SUPER_ADMIN