Switch to Python 3.7

is it possible to switch to python 3.7
or create a notebook with it?

Hello Serg,

Well, Datalore currently uses Python 3.8.7, and although you can install or build any specific version you want since you have a sudo access on the agent, I would not recommend doing this due to the following reasons:

  1. it would be somewhat hard to configure the notebook to use the alternate version
  2. such configuration will be required each time you start the computation, since the machine is always created with the default image

Why would you want to downgrade Python?

Thank you for the answer.
My reason is all colab notebook examples made for 3.7 and Tensorflow 1.x
It turns hard for me to convert Tacotron to Tensorflow 2.x since python 3.8 doesn’t support 1.x

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