Support for Vim like in other JetBrains products


Testing DataLore with Docker because I’d like a perfect solution to work on BigQuery fully integrated in the Python ecosystem in a single real Ide, and if DataLore works I will promote its use in my company. DataSpell doesn’t work for me because it doesn’t have sql cells, and secondly not all the sql goodies that DataLore has, and thirdly doesn’t look as polished as DataLore (I’m still exploring DataLore though).

I saw you had some kind of vim command mode support, but nothing really as useful as the real vim support we have in other Jetbrains products. You could have somethng like in JupyterLab, where you have:

  1. insert mode
  2. command mode inside cell, with all vim key combinations (one press of escape)
  3. meta-command mode (corresponding to current DataLore command mode) that allows you to navigate the notebook (two presses of escape)

Thanks, continuing my testing of DataLore.