Support for Scala?

Are you guys considering support for Scala? This would be really useful for folks in the BigData / Data Science space.


  1. Support for Scala - same level of support as the Scala plugin in Intellij IDEA
  2. Charting capabilities with Scala
  3. Ability to use with Spark (with 1. in place this should be possible out of the box)
  4. Downloadable product

Jetbrains has one one of the best Scala IDEs, if you could bring those features into Datalore, that would be very powerful.

We are thinking about Scala support but currently it isn’t our top priority.

It would be great if you could make it a priority! :grinning:

I think you will have a great community behind it, esp your IDEA Scala users who are in Data Science.

Hi! We implemented the first version of Scala notebooks support in Datalore :slight_smile: Feel free to check it out at