[Solved] Insert an image in Markdown cell

Is there a way to reference an image stored in workspace/notebook files in Markdown cells?

I am going through ML Specialization from Coursera and want to use DataLore to replace Coursera-embedded Jupyter notebooks. There is an image folder I can download from Coursera. I can upload it to the workspace (preferred) or notebook files in DataLore. So far, so good. But referencing these images in Markdown cells does nothing.


    <center> <img src="/data/workspace_files/images/C1W1L1_Tour.PNG"  alt='missing' width="400"  ><center/>

… produces an empty rendered cell.


… same - empty cell.

OK, that was my mistake. One cannot use absolute paths to reference images in notebooks. Not specific to Datalore.

For future references - I’ve uploaded the images folder to notebooks files (/data/notebook_files/) and was able to reference them as, e.g., ./images/C1W1L1_Tour.PNG.