Share your review about Datalore

Hi everyone!

My name is Alena - I’m a Product Marketing Manager from Datalore team.

We are now working on a new website for Datalore and really want to know about your experience with the product and maybe get several reviews to publish on the website.

If you love using Datalore and would like to share your experience and thoughts, please contact me directly by email: (please add the subject “Product review”)

From our side, we could offer some nice gifts for participation :blush:


Hi ! Alena
As a data scientist I recommend to develop Datalore as an alternative to Jupiter notebooks, you can keep it working as an online workspace, but since Jupiter is now shifting to Jupiter Lab. Trust me, and I quote if the developer team get’s successful in getting it working just as Jupiter notebook on local computers (with/ without internet connection) with addition to plugin support, code intelligence, and recommendations. This project can be huge as huge as Cloud9 for AWS.


Thank your so much for your feedback and opinion :pray:t2: If you would like to participate in a product review, please, reach me out via email: Would really appreciate this!