Selecting text with mouse from the output column

Hi! Not quite sure whether this is a bug or a feature, but there is no way to select a text from the output column with a mouse. For instance I’d like to copy-paste the results of my work into some report, but I can’t see hot to do that.

I tested this thing in Safari 11.0.3 (which is my main browser) and Chrome 63.0.3239.132. The workflows look different in those.

Here you can see how it work for me in Safari:

Feb-02-2018 19-00-33

And also in Chrome:

Feb-02-2018 19-08-48

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Hi! Thank you for posting a feedback. It’s a bug in supposed to be fixed in a week or too.
It’s indeed can be annoying an we apologize for this.
Will leave a message here whenever the problem will be solved.

thanks again
and have a great week end.

The issue has been partially fixed, but there are still some glitches with reshape() output, sorry for the inconvenience, will notify when it will be finally solved.

upd: the issue was fixed some time ago.