S3 bucket mounting not possible

I try to mount a already existing AWS S3 bucket to my notebook in Datalore as additional data source.
And the tab ‘Attached datasources’ at my notebook shows my that the S3 bucket is mountet to the path ‘/data/mybucket’ but the path does not exists in the filesystem.
Any idea?

Hello @der_Zyklus,

Have you restarted the kernel after mounting the S3 bucket?

If yes and the problem persists, please select the “pass credentials to environment” option, restart the kernel again and run the code generated with “Connect using boto3” action to check if the credentials are correct.

Thank you for the report, specific mounting errors are not currently shown to the user, it’s an issue that will be fixed in the near future.

A possibility is that your setting may be wrong. I have a similar issue before, and at the end I realise it’s just because I have a typo in the bucket name.

It seems to me that Datalore doesn’t check if anything is right before adding a S3 bucket, nor it gives you an error when it fails to mount the bucket (hence the path not found error). So if you’re like me spell the bucket wrong, or may be because you haven’t get the right permission set to your access key, you would hit the problem.

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We are going to improve the whole UX for datasources in the near future and will take your comment into account, thanks!