Report builder: what do you think?

Hi everyone! Community and Pro users received an update to the reporting workflow in Datalore. Share with us what you think about the new Report builder here!

We love this Report builder. With Text cell and drop down cell, we can let people to generate dynamic sql query and display charts safely, without share a notebook with them. The only issue sofar for our on-prem datalore is that the recalculate all cell from the report sometimes is very slow, sometimes the onchange at dropdown cell doesn’t trigger a recalculate all cell. Sometime the report recalculate stucks at refresh.

Would love to learn more about how reports works at datalore in general, and how i can fine tune the k8s deployment to make the interactive report runs smooth.

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Hello @Alena, I was wondering if it was possible to add a password to a report?
Right now it is either Restricted access or Public access, there is no in-between.

Thank you

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