Rename Sheet/Tab

While following the initial Getting Started tutorial, I clicked the + button in the lower toolbar. Rather than create a new Notebook, this added a “sheet”/page/tabbed-panel to the tutorial NB which it default named “Sheet 4” as this view already had three page/tabs.

It was easy to poke around and find how to actually create a new NB. But while I had it just sitting there, I thought I would play around and start by renaming this new sheet/page. I couldn’t for the life of me figure out where or how to rename that “Sheet 4.”

I’m a long-time Python dev but noob to NB dev. If this is a basic known feature of all NB authoring, please clue me in. Otherwise if this is a UI feature of DL and I haven’t found it, please point me in the right direction.

Thank you so much.

BTW, due to a recent spinal cord injury, I’m extensively using my iPad due to its awesome Voice Control accessibility features. DL is an awesome service making Jupyter NB development accessible on tablets, especially since Apple iOS restrictions prohibit Python apps from locally loading anything other than pure Python modules.

As a long-time loyal customer of JetBains awesome dev tools, it is great to see the company branching out to offer such a powerful service/tool.

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Hi Jim_Salmons,

right now sheet could be renamed by double click or invoking context menu on the tab. There is a lack of accessibility this feature at mobile devices, we will add “Rename sheet” action to the top menu in the nearest future. Could you please try to long press/tape at the tab - this should also invoke context menu on mobile devices.

Thank you for the feedback! Will post updates here.

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Hi Alexander,

Success! :slight_smile: I had tried the standard long-press to bring up a context menu, but that didn’t work. I hadn’t thought to try a more typical desktop/mouse interaction of a double-click. A quick double-tap on the tab did bring up the small dialog with the “Sheet 4” current title in it which I could then edit to do the renaming. I agree with you that adding the additional menu item would make this feature more easily accessible. Recognizing a long-press on the tab, too, would be a good refinement of the UX on touch devices as well.

Happy Healthy Vibes from Colorado USA,

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