Reactive mode - kernel dies when creating MongoClient

Hi team,
I’ve created a notebook for use as an interactive report and it runs fine in traditional/jupyter mode, but unfortunately when run in reactive mode, the kernel (python-minimal) consistently dies when a MongoClient (from the pymongo library) is created.

Code to recreate:

from pymongo import MongoClient
import os

client = MongoClient(os.environ['mongodb_address'], username=os.environ['mongodb_username'], 
                     password=os.environ['mongodb_password'], authSource=os.environ['mongodb_db'])

Results in:

Traceback (most recent call last):
Error: The kernel has died

Logs for host machine (Docker - image based upon jetbrains/datalore-agent:2022.2.2)

2022-08-16 11:13:10,301|reactive calculation|ERROR  |8KflNYnzUOaipeL1SYCV3Q/TXnrkZR1Z5uKoa3SH7vpz9|Checkpointing error
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/opt/datalore/python/kernel_runner/computation/reactive/", line 282, in _handle_result_and_write_reply
    await self._kernel_client.checkpoint()
  File "/opt/datalore/python/kernel_runner/computation/reactive/", line 17, in checkpoint
    await self._client.parent.kernel.checkpoint()
  File "/opt/datalore/python/kernel_runner/computation/reactive/", line 36, in checkpoint
    await self._exec(decorate_with_sudo(command))
  File "/opt/datalore/python/kernel_runner/computation/reactive/", line 116, in _exec
    raise RuntimeError(f'Error executing command "{command}", status={proc.returncode}\n{stderr.decode()}')
RuntimeError: Error executing command "sudo /usr/sbin/criu dump -v1 --leave-running --track-mem --shell-job --tree 10581 --images-dir /tmp/datalore-o_t_u5co/2 --prev-images-dir ../1", status=1
Error (criu/util.c:641): exited, status=1
Error (criu/util.c:641): exited, status=1
Error (criu/sk-inet.c:189): inet: Connected TCP socket, consider using --tcp-established option.
Error (criu/cr-dump.c:1635): Dump files (pid: 10581) failed with -1
Error (criu/cr-dump.c:2053): Dumping FAILED.