Published version stuck in "Starting"


I have a published notebook that when I open it from an incognito window it gets stuck in “Starting” and doesn’t load. I tried it in different devices and have the same problem.

I am able to run it from my Datalore account however, and when I open the published version after I update it, it works. I switched to the pay version yesterday, so I believe it should working.

What could the issue be since I’m sharing this with other parties ?

Thank you.

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Unfortunately the problem described randomly shows up. Datalore is great to work on, but on sharing reactive reports, it doesn’t work in my case (maybe its just me), so switching back to the free subscription.

The same for me. A published report with simple functionality gets stuck at starting, ending up with can not load the machine. Is there any solution?

I didn’t test further, I’m not sure if it has to do with some of my imports or installations, in my case I’m installing:

!sudo apt-get install graphviz -y

Maybe this has to do, not sure.

Hello @lodgelog and @bartashp,

Please send me the link to the broken reports via DM - I will check the logs.

Thank you!

We deployed a fix for the found issue, now interactive report should work as expected for everyone.

Thank you!

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