Prevent autostart of whole notebook

Everytime I restart kernel or start new machine notebooks starts to automatically calculate every single cell one by one. Is there any method to prevent this autostart? Or alternatively, mark some cells as “inactive” for autostart to skip over them?


Sorry for the late reply. It seems, you’re using the reactive mode, so it tries to make the notebook consistent:

  • if there is no saved state (notebook wasn’t calculated before) – all the cells will be run when you start the computation
  • also when you restart the kernel – saved state is dropped, so all the cells are triggered to recalculate

There is no way to mark a cell is inactive – we investigated such a possibility previously, but we weren’t satisfied with the possible solutions.


  • disable the reactive mode for the notebook
  • disable automatic computation start (“Start computation when opening a notebook” option in the Account Settings)

There are some other issues and shortcomings with the current reactive mode, so we decided to completely rework it – the new implementation is currently being finalized, we are fixing the problems found, and I think it will be available to all users in the next few weeks. Stay tuned!