Plotly and widgets support

I read on the blog about plotly support, but it seems to be working only with the IPython kernel with no autocompletion feature, also the IPython widgets are not available even with this kernel. Is there a plan to implement some kind of datalore widgets?

Plotly offers a powerful interface through FigureWidget, which as it’s based on ipywidgets it is also not present here. Will this be supported in the future? At least for the time being colab offers this interface with all the interactivity, autocompletion and docs, this would make a nice adition to datalore at least for the people using notebooks mainly for visualization and prototyping.

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Hi @vlizana,

Thanks for your suggestion, we definitely have plans both to support plotly as well as other popular visualization libs in Datalore kernel and to support IPython widgets. Will keep you updated on the progress

So it looks like Plotly support now works, which is great, but it is a shame you need to actually run them in Datalore to see the visualisations (rather than export the complete notebook from Pycharm and see the vis straight away)

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Hi @Crimsoneer ,

Thank you for the report,
Should be fixed now, please tell us if it isn’t.

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Hi @artem.borzilov,

I was wondering where was the ipywidgets support at?



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Hi Thomas,

Unfortunately we don’t support ipywidgets yet.

The “fixed” report in the previous post was about Plotly support in the ipynbs uploaded to from PyCharm

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