OSM tiles not working

There is a problem with OSM tiles in the Lets-Plot notebook. They used to work earlier, but now the response status code is 418. In NBViewer the same example works just fine.
Probably it’s because of a blank Referrer-Policy in HTTP header. Could it be fixed somehow?

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I see no issues with OSM tiles in the linked notebook, I’d say there was some temporary outage on CDN side, but 418 error could mean anything.

But there are some issues with vector tilesets: default, tilesets.LETS_PLOT_LIGHT and tilesets.LETS_PLOT_DARK do not load for me with a error, forwarded this report to our team, thank you!

This turned out to be a known issue in Safari browser: Configuring basemap tiles for interactive maps — Lets-Plot

But you are right, OSM tiles are not displayed in Chrome browser, investigating.