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In my company we work with jupyter and I this tool looks like the perfect replacement for it. Do you have plans to release it as a product? We can’t work in the cloud with the amount of data we usually process. We also developed our internal framework and we don’t want to upload it to any cloud platform.

Have a nice day, thanks.

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If your company is interested in such a deployment, write to me in private to konstantin dot solomatov at jetbrains.

I second this request. It would be nice to be able to deploy/run Datalore in a way jupyter notebooks work.

Please do not make this some “only on request” thing.

Its really great to see Jetbrains getting into this space, you guys can do a great job with this. Datalore could become a worthy replacement for Jupyter and Zeppelin. It would be great if this could become a downloadable product (say as an enterprise version).

We are thinking about creating a downloadable product, but currently it isn’t our top priority.

I think there are lots of Zeppelin & Jupyter users who would love this product within their Enterprise.
We currently use Zeppelin (primarily because the Scala support in Jupyter is lacking as well as Scala-Spark) but Scala in Zeppelin could be a lot better. My Scala Data Science dev would appreciate a product such as this.

I also would appreciate the ability to download and install, please keep us updated if you do have any progress. Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi any update on this? We would also be interested in self hosting so we can manage resource usage and provide access to private resources.

Many thanks


Hi! We are currently working on an on-premises installation of Datalore. We will notify when it is ready to be tested.

Hi Dmitry,
Glad to hear that it’s in progress, it would be a great addition to a set of JetBrains tools I’m using. What’s the best way to track progress/announcements/open beta for on-premise installation of Datalore? E.g. youtrack issue or where should I subscribe to not miss it?