Notebook import doesn't work


“Import” feature doesn’t work for me for some reason. Nothing happens when I select a file to be uploaded. Is it not implemented yet?

I am on macOS Mojave, Chrome and Safari are used. Sample notebook I am experimenting with

Thank you

Hi! For now we are not supporting exporting from Jupyter at all so the only entity we do support are files in *.datalore format.

Following things to consider:

  • datalore files can be obtained via import (in workbook)
  • we definitely should make it clearer what files are we supposed to import and export - will keep you posted.
  • actually we have everything to support jupyter notebooks it’s just that this feature should be thoroughly tested before deploying - will keep you posted about this as well.
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Thanks, I got confused by the wording and also completely missed the export feature. Nice to know it is possible to do now. Looking forward to Jupyter support.

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