Not able to use libvips / pyvips

I need to use “pyvips” in my python code and it depends on the libvips-tools package.
I have tried the script shown below (in the “”) to get started. However it does not work. The machine starting process hangs when in “setting up environment”, and never finishes.

Can someone please point me to the right way to install the libvips-tools package on “my” machine?

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Content of “” file below:

 # This shell script runs when the machine starts, 
# before the user-installed packages are set up.
 # Use it to install additional dependencies.
 # tekst lagt til av kai-inge:
 sudo apt-get update -y
 sudo apt-get install libvips-tools
 #pip install pyvips
 # Examples:
 # sudo apt update && sudo apt install -y some-package
 # pip install some-package --additional-arguments
 # The logs are stored in /tmp/log;
 # the error log is copied to Notebook files.

Hi @kai

You need to specify -y flag for install command, not update:

 sudo apt update
 sudo apt install -y libvips-tools
 pip install pyvips

I was able to install the required library and the python package this way.

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Thanks a lot @igro!
It works! :smile:

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