New features, Summer 2020

Hi everyone!

Here are two blog posts about Datalore’s summer updates:

  1. New in Datalore: Documentation Popups, Better Code Completion, Interactive Widgets, and Enhanced Markdown. Read
  2. New Logo and Domain Change, Command Palette, Rename Refactoring, and Other Small Fixes. Read

I hope, you’ll find new features handy!


Hello…any news about professional plan for individuals yet ?!

Hi, Azeem!

It is supposed to come in several months. Don’t want to promise a concrete date, as we still don’t know by ourselves. We are now the process of thinking about the value it could bring to the users.

Hi Azeem, what would be the most valuable feature of the professional plan for you? We are considering adding the professional plan at the moment.

Hello…I think it should be compete Paid service like Colab Pro & Free charge popular like Kaggle Kernels…The service should be be distinguished by ease, poweful and reliability like every JetBrains products to become a daily use service for data science applications with some unique features, price also should be balanced… I expect & I’ll accept also monthly charge above 10$ (Colab Pro Plan) but also want pay more than 20$ (Saturn Cloud/AWS/ Google Cloud)

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Hi Azeem! Datalore Professional is out and you can try it free for 3 months if you upgrade in November.

Upgrade from the Plans tab and let us know what you think!