New database connection by image jetbrains/datalore-database-command

Hi folks,
Why do I have to re-download the driver from maven every time when connecting to the database? This makes me unable to use the database function in the LAN environment. Is there any way to solve it? Can a built-in database driver be used for image[jetbrains/datalore-database-command]?

Hello @cmkisme ,

We are aware of such an issue and are planning to provide an option to manually attach required JDBC drivers (including non-default ones) in upcoming releases.

Thanks for the heads up!

Hi @igro,

it is not still supported, right? Will it be added in next release of the product?

Thanks & have a nice day

Hi @Tomas_Wiszczor,

Unfortunately, it wasn’t included to the 2023.3, but hopefully this and related improvements will be implemented in the next or after the next release.

Thank you for the question!

Hi @igro,

thanks for info. And what about downloading the JDBC driver to host computer, mount appropriate folder to volume and push the driver on right place? Is it possible? If yes, to which folder should I upload the jar file (+ adjust some configuration if needed)?

Thanks for info in advance :wink:

Have a nice day.