Network setup when using a proxy

Hi there - we are looking to install datalore enterprise to test on-prem using docker. However our environment uses traefik. Our typical docker-compose file has the following:

- proxy    

    external: true

Not sure how to proceed. Do we replace the network setup in the compose file or simply add this to it?

Sorry, we haven’t tried to configure traefik proxy for Datalore. I guess, you need to add proxy network to datalore container and see if it will work.

Did you solved the problem? cause i am also using datalore with traefik and the domain name is not working and i can only use the datalore with ip+port

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@azataiot Unfortunately I could not get it to work. Also using the ip+port for now. I will try again to see if I can get it to work.

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I just made it work, and i dont know why it worked. I did not changed anything, and waited, then it just worked with domain. I think the datalore just needs enough time to start…

What container ports are you using for datalore? 8080? Can you share some basic info about your setup between the two ( traefik and datalore) ?

I found that that is the only port you can use on data lore, if you change the ports, datalore won’t work with your domain names