Ndarrays not opening in Variable Viewer

In Variable Viewer, when I click the magnifier icon in front of an ndarray, a new window pops up and says ‘loading’. I waited for several minutes for the ndarray to load but it never loads. The other variables (lists, int, float) load instantly.

Here’s the screenshot of the window which appears when I want to see ‘theta’ ndarray:


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Hi! Thank you for using Datalore!

Could you please provide more details to help us reproduce your problem:

  1. Which kernel type you are using
  2. What kind of ndarray caused the problem
  3. Can you share some small code example to reproduce the problem if it’s possible
  4. Can you provide URL of your notebook so we can check out logs for some error events



Here are the details:

  1. Datalore and Ipython both kernels.
  2. 1d numpy arrays. I did not check 2d arrays.
  3. array_one = np.zeros(100); array_two = np.linspace(1, 100, 100)
  4. https://view.datalore.io/notebook/SofZoZZEH36DykFpWkQzdo


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Update on point 2: I just noticed that 2d arrays are opening fine. These are just 1d arrays which have this issue.

There was a problem with 1d numpy ndarrays representation. We’ve fixed it and fix will appear on production very soon. Thank you for your help! Please keep us updated if you will experience any problem using Datalore!


Thanks for fixing the issue. Looking forward to its appearance on production.

Perfect! I noticed yesterday that the fix has appeared on production.

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