Nd array properties not showing up and system restarts

I am trying to see the properties of a 1024 x 1024 ndarray in variable explorer. To do that, whenever I click the small triangle button present on the left side of the array name, I get the following message on the right lower side of the window:

Computation status: connection to agent lost
Python status: not started

Then it changes to:

Computation status: setting up Conda environment
Python status: not started

Then after a long wait, it changes to:

Computation status: starting Python app
Python status: not started

Finally, the last message is:

Computation status: running on agent
Python status: not started

The whole process takes around 5 minutes and of course I am able to work during this time.

In the variable explorere, I see loading written in place of properties, and I am not able to see the properties themselves all along.

To reproduce
Execute the following, go to variable viewer and click the triangle to see the properties.

import numpy as np
array = np.ones((1024,1024))


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Thanks for the detailed report – the problem is easily reproduced by your steps.

I warned the devs, hope the issue will be sorted soon.

The fix has been deployed – there should be no issues when working with arrays of 1024 x 1024 size, note that larger arrays (say, 8192 x 8192) still may cause a lack of memory on t2.medium instances.

We would also like to thank you for your helpful comments with a gift code – please check your direct messages :slight_smile:

Yeah, I noticed yesterday that the issue was fixed.

Thanks very much for the gift code.

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