Manifest not found

Trying to install datalore enterprise with docker on ubuntu 22.04 . I cloned the main git repo. Getting this:

dev@toolbox:~/docker/jetbrains-datalore/docker-compose$ docker compose up
[+] Running 0/2
⠿ postgresql Error 0.3s
⠿ datalore Error 0.3s
Error response from daemon: manifest for jetbrains/datalore-server:2022.3 not found: manifest unknown: manifest unknown

Works when i downgraded to 2022.2.

Hi @juju01,

Yes, 2022.3 is not released yet, to clone the repo please use the link from the documentation, current version is 2022.2.3.

Best regards,

I successfully installed it with 2022.2.3. Why does the docker-compose file refer to the image: jetbrains/datalore-server:2022.3

There is no 2022.3 image in the linked config. Please do not use master branch to pull configs.