Machines do not shutdown according to the settings

Even though background computation is enabled and the machine is set to shut down after 30 min of inactivity, it never shuts down. Is there something here I am missing? When I forget to shut down the machine manually, it eats up my time on a larger machine or GPU. It is annoying.

Hi @wtribbey,

Could you provide your notebook ID (URL) here or via DM - I’ll check in the logs why it hasn’t been terminated.

Thank you.

Thanks, Igro. Here is the URL for the notebook:

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Here is another notebook that does not shut down.

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Hmm, I don’t see any errors in the log, also I didn’t manage to reproduce the issue - in my case, background computation has been successfully terminated after 30 minutes of idle.

Am I reading this correctly, that you had no open browser tabs with your notebooks? Computation won’t be stopped if there is a user in the notebook.

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Thank you, Igro, this solves my problem. I was assuming that being idle would trigger a shut down. I was leaving tabs open. I will not do that any longer.
Thanks so much.


Oh, I see. Thank you for letting me know.

I’ll forward your feedback to the team, it looks like we need to improve the UX to prevent such confusion in the future.

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I was also confused — didn’t realize keeping tabs open causes machine to keep running. Glad I found this post.