"kernel died" without any stack trace and empty logs in reactive mode

Environment: DataLore 2023.1 running on Kubernetes with Reactive Mode with Python 3.8.12

Using argilla crashes the kernel. It basically does a call to a HTTP API.

import argilla as rg
rg.init(api_url=api_url, api_key=api_key)

results in

Traceback (most recent call last):
Error: The kernel has died

Without Reactive Mode it works just fine.

The server logs do not contain any hints to why this happens.
All Kubernetes Pod logs are also empty.

How can we troubleshoot it?

Hello @stephanbertl,
Are you sure the logs of the agent pod are empty? It shouldn’t be the case when the kernel dies

What’s the host kernel version? It’s recommended to use kernel >= 5.13 for agent pods if you want to use reactive mode

Logs completely empty. Nothing to see.

Actually a small correction, we were using 2022.3.1. I now upgraded the helm chart to 2023.1 and the error seems to be gone.