Is there a way to export a notebook

i am a physics student and i think this can be a creating tool for writing papers is there a way to export the notebooks to any format preferably pdf
thank you.

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Hi. Unfortunately now there’s no such option but it seems to be a valid request. We will let you know if this will be available.

Unfortunately this is still not working. I guess it could be fixed via CSS, printing via browser would be fine. But at the moment, only the first page can be printed.

The only workaround I found was by downloading it as Jupyter notebook and using nbconvert:

jupyter-nbconvert --to pdf exported-notebook.ipyn

Thanks for the heads up!

We plan to release this feature in upcoming updates, and it will hopefully be released next month.

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The requested option is now available via the “File” → “Print .pdf” menu option :tada:

Screenshot 2021-03-31 at 12.36.18

This will prepare a printable version of the notebook which can be saved as PDF using the built-in browser function:

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