Is the data I upload to Datalore private?

Is the data I upload to Datalore private?

Probably but couldn’t find pertinent info on the web site.

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This is a very basic question, but after a lot of time in the documentation there is nothing stating that the data I upload to Datalore is private.

It makes me think it’s not.


Thank you for reaching out with your question on data privacy - it’s an area we take very seriously.

TL;DR: Your data is yours, and you hold control and responsibility over it. Unless you demand so - your data is never shared with anyone else. However, we do have certain rights related to it for the purposes of providing and improving the Datalore service.

Your data uploaded to Datalore does, in fact, belong fully to you and remains under your control. However, the accessibility and visibility of your data to us and to other users or the public depend on its nature and the specific Datalore features you use. Essentially, it’s your responsibility to select and set the level of access to your data.

You should be aware that we have permission to access your data, but only for specific purposes outlined in our Terms of Service [0] such as:

  1. To provide you with Datalore service - we can utilize your data to deliver you with the service.
  2. For reasons related to security - we can access your data if needed to maintain our systems’ security.
  3. To provide support - if you request it, we can access your data to carry out the required support. However, this requires an explicit permission granted by you to us via your Account Settings:

  1. If we are legally required to do so - in specific situations, if required by law, we may need to access, review or remove part or all of your data.

The permissions you grant us upon using Datalore allows us to handle your data in ways necessary for providing the service to you, such as hosting, storing, copying, altering, utilizing, and parsing it on our servers. Please be assured that we will NEVER transfer ownership of your data to a third party without your explicit permission and NEVER share it with anyone, unless you have explicitly demanded so (by sharing your notebook or workspace with someone else you trust).

You also have the right to request for manual deletion of your data from Datalore. After submitting your request, we’ll keep an automatic backup of the deleted data for a month unless you instruct us to delete the backup along with the primary data.

If you have further questions or need more detailed clarifications, feel free to get in touch. We’re here to help!

[0] - Datalore ToS