Interactive plots with IPython kernel

I tried to go into interactive mode (so that I can zoom in a plot) by executing %matplotlib notebook in IPython kernel. Instead of interactive plot, it resulted in no plot at all. So I had to execute %matplotlib inline to get the plot again.

So I was wondering if it’s possible to introduce interactive plotting in Datalore using IPython kernel. It appears I can use datalore.plot in Datalore kernel to obtain interactive plots. I, however, cannot go for this option as I have to share my codes with people not using Datalore kernel.

Hi Awais!

We are working on the implementation of datalore.plot for IPython kernel.

We will let you know if there is anything that is publicly available now.

Right, as @Dmitry_Trofimov said we are working on making datalore plot publicly available as a python package and compatible with frontends other than Datalore (Jupyter notebook in the first place).

It is not yet available but it’s coming really soon.

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Cool, good to know that! I understand this datalore.plot package for Jupyter/IPython will very much give me the interactive plot as I required. But what I originally referred to was the interactive mode for matplotlib.pyplot.plot with your IPython kernel.

matplotlib.pyplot.plot with your IPython kernel is also something we are going to fix soon.

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