Installing R Packages

I tried to install “devtools” R package - install.packages(“devtools”) - and I let it run over 4 hours. The install still did not finish. This same install takes under several minutes on my PC.

There was also this message in Datalore as my R install test was executing - any idea why the above install never finished?

also installing the dependencies ‘credentials’, ‘zip’, ‘gitcreds’, ‘httr2’, ‘ini’, ‘httpuv’, ‘xtable’, ‘sourcetools’, ‘diffobj’, ‘gert’, ‘gh’, ‘rprojroot’, ‘whisker’, ‘shiny’, ‘downlit’, ‘rlang’, ‘xopen’, ‘brew’, ‘commonmark’, ‘brio’, ‘praise’, ‘processx’, ‘waldo’, ‘usethis’, ‘desc’, ‘miniUI’, ‘pkgbuild’, ‘pkgdown’, ‘pkgload’, ‘profvis’, ‘rcmdcheck’, ‘remotes’, ‘roxygen2’, ‘rversions’, ‘sessioninfo’, ‘testthat’, ‘urlchecker’