Incomplete Markdown support

Here are some Markdown features that do not appear to be implemented in Datalore:

  • dashes should be treated as bullets
  • email addresses and URLs should be converted to links even if you don’t explicitly make them links
  • code blocks don’t work
  • blockquotes don’t work
  • tables (from GitHub-flavored Markdown) don’t work
  • valid HTML doesn’t work
  • images don’t work (both for local files and URLs)

Let me know if any of these are unclear!

I know that there are many different flavors/implementations of Markdown, but most of these are common features that are implemented by most Markdown renderers (including Jupyter Notebook, Kaggle Kernels, Google Colab, etc). My guess is that they are following the CommonMark standard.

Hi Kevin,

Extending markdown support is in our queue.

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