Inactive notebook after 1 hour while code is running

Hi everyone,

I am new to JetBrains. I learned that JetBrains free account allows to run the code up to 120 hours/month. While my code is running for around 60 mins, it is said that the notebook is disconnected.
Can you suggest how to let the notebook is active while the code is running? My code is expected to run for more than 24 hrs.

Please let me know if you need further information. Thanks for your help!


Notebooks with no user activity within an hour are killed – a warning is shown beforehand in the notebook.

To prevent this behavior you need to enable the “Long computation” option in the Run menu:

thanks a lot for your quick response! Is there any limited hours per session after I enable this ‘Long computation’?

There is no time restriction at our side except for the quota, but please note that it is a Spot instance and it might be interrupted at some random moment – it won’t affect your code or attached data, and Datalore will provide another machine in such a case, but all the unsaved runtime information will be lost.

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