In what ways can I interact with a datalore-notebook programmatically?

I am new to datalore and investigating ways to integrate it into our accounting workflow. My general idea is to have one expert design a report as a datalore-notebook and then use this notebook as a template to generate different reports based on different subsets of the database.

  1. Is there an API to download a shared datalore notebook?
  2. Is there an API to download a published datalore notebook?
  3. Is there an API to control a notebook from the outside?
    • e.g. I want to replace an attached csv-file, then execute the notebook on new data and then export the result to PDF. Can this be done automatically, e.g. via an API?
  4. Can a downloaded/exported .datalore-file be run headless?
    • similar to jupyter nbconvert --execute for .ipynb-files

1,2,3. No, unfortunately there is no public API at the moment.
4. Also not possible, since there is no standalone runner for .datalore files.

At the moment we are more focused on developing various new features, for example we’re currenlty working on the new type of the published reports - hopefully they will be widely available in the upcoming releases. Please stay tuned in!

Thanks. I would like to ask a follow up question

  1. Can I expect the export as ipynb from datalore to be consistent over time? e.g. when I export the same datalore notebook today and a year from now, will the resulting ipynb be exactly the same, or can I expect some difference in the json structure?

I am considering a workflow where the expert uses datalore to create a notebook, then exports it as ipynb, and then uploads the ipynb-file as a template to the accounting-backend where I use nbconvert to generate the actual reports.

  1. Does this use-case fit into how datalore is supposed to be used, or should I expect lots of unforeseen complications along the way
  1. Actually no, the resulting file may change over time, because we are going to unify and support some new meta tags in .ipynb format.
  2. I’m afraid some complications could arise, yes, but hopefully new type of reports and other planned features for the next releases will cover such a workflow completely in Datalore.