Ignore errors in reactive mode

In reactive mode (Python), one cannot execute cells if there is a cell above which raises an exception. This kind of makes sense of course - a Python script also won’t execute lines after an exception was raised. Nevertheless in the case of notebooks, this leads to a usability issue: if there is a lengthy notebook and I add a cell at the very end and execute it, it won’t do anything but make me believe that the cell has been executed in 0.0s. There is an error shown somewhere above, but if the notebook is long enough, I won’t see it.

A second issue regarding errors in reactive mode: For educational purposes, I often include errors in cells to show how things can go wrong. When using a Datalore notebook, I would have to comment out that command and then comment it in again. There is no way to show it in the published static version of the notebook AFICS. An option to ignore errors would be nice, similar to nbconvert’s --allow-errors option.