How to import ipynb files?

If it’s not possible datalore is unusable for me. (I know I can export, I’m talking about import)
Where is the tracking issue on youtrack ?

Actually it seems that uploading an existing ipynb to create a new worskpace is supported.
But once you’re inside a notebook, importing an ipynb will not render the ipynb but treat it as a textfile.

Hello Stephane,

Yes, it is only possible to import an *.ipynb or *.datalore file as a notebook from the File System view:

  • you can simply drag your notebook-file to the list
  • or you can upload it using the “New Notebook” dialog (it also supports importing from an URL)

Screenshot 2021-02-22 at 23.51.31

Files that are dropped to the editor are attached to the notebook as a file:

Regarding the issue tracker, we’re going to make it public in the next couple of months.

Thank you!